Conditions of sale


All the commercial operations performed by our society is subjected to the present general conditions of sale. Any order crossed to our society implicates necessarily, as essential and decisive condition, approval unconditionally by our customer said conditions notwithstanding any disposition that can appear on the documents of our customer.

These conditions predominate over all other particular or general conventions not specifically agree by our Society.
The fact for our Society not to boast at some point any of the present general conditions cannot be interpreted as being worth renunciation to predominate us of any of said conditions later.

We save power to change these general conditions any time. In that case, applicable conditions will be those in force in the date of order by the customer.


Products defined on our Website ( are offered within the limits of the available supplies.

These products are touchy of evolutions and of technical and qualitative modifications any time, on simple decision of the Society.

Catalogues have only one purely informative interest and would know how to have the quality of contractual document in relation with the customer.


3.1. Delivery time

Delivery time is pointed out as exactly as possible, but are functions of the possibilities of supply and transport of the seller. Nevertheless, if within 2 months after the indicative date of delivery the product was not delivered, for quite other reason that of major force, sale will be able to be solved at the request of the one or other one of the parties, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt*. The customer will be able to acquire restitution of his payment with the exception of quite other indemnification or damages.

Are notably considered to be case of major force relieving us of our obligation to deliver: war, riot, deduction in customhouse beyond 7 days, fire, strikes, accidents, impossibility of being supplied.

We shall keep posted the customer, at the appropriate time, about cases and events of major force.

3.2. Modalities of delivery

We are authorized to undertake total or partial deliveries.

The conveyor makes contact with the customer to fix a date of delivery (based on a time slot of half a day) in keeping with the availability of the customer. This date must be fixed within 3 days in comparison with date initially offered by the conveyor.

The fixed rate transport makes our warehouses up to the entrance of the dwelling place or warehouse of the customer. For any additional traction, by the specific way of the customer must be applied during the signature of the order form.
This service gives rise to the elaboration of charge payable by the customer.

3.3. Transfer of risks

Nonwithstanding the application of the article 8 reservation of ownership and/or the modalities of expedition of products, products travel at risks and dangers of the customer who supports as from the departure of our warehouses all the risks arriving at products, at nurse and at conservation of which he will have to bring all his care.

In case of damage during the transport, the reservations of manners must be formulated to the conveyor by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within 48 hours as from the reception of products.


During the reception of products, it is up to the customer to prove the state of the delivered products. Claims on visible vices and on nonconformity of the product delivered in the ordered product must be formulated by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt*, within 48 hours as from the reception of products.

It will be up to the customer to provide any justification as for the reality of vices or anomaly determined. He will have to leave any easiness to the society to undertake the finding of these vices and to carry cure there. He will refrain from intervening or making intercede a third.

The returns of products are subordinated to our prior written agreement. After agreement, we allow returns under a maximum delay of 7 days as from the date of delivery of products. Transport charges will be supported by the purchaser. The product will have to be wrapped to such as in delivery. Every turned not wrapped or harmed product will draw away expenses payable by the customer. Returns  in port of are not accepted.

In case of visible vice or in nonconformity of the delivered products, duly determined by the society in conditions envisaged above, the customer will be able to acquire the free replacement of products or a credit for return of products to be chosen by the society, with the exception of any indemnification or damage interests.


In any hypotheses, guarantee does not play for visible vices. Are also excluded defects and deterioration caused by natural wear or by outside accident (notably abnormal use, faulty maintenance, ), or else by a modification of the product not envisaged nor specified by the society.


Prices are determined by our society and mentioned on the order form. Prices appearing on our Website ( are likely to vary, without notice, according to the price of currencies.

Our prices agree TTC, departure of our warehouses, except delivery. For a delivery in the domicile of the customer, order gives rise to an invoicing of charge of transport which are apparently pointed out during order and before regulations of this one.

A bill is established for every delivery and issued at the time of this one.


Nonwithstanding any opposite clause, notably appearing in the commercial documents of the Customer, the ownership of products ordered and/or delivered is transferred only after the entire regulations of the bill by the customer.


Before any contentious action, parties will try to solve amicable litigations or protests of all kinds. Failing agreement regarding the professionals, the Court of Rennes will be alone competent.